11 adult banner ads secrets that ad networks don't want you to know

Learn 11 banner design and campaign tips to have success with banner ads
Apply them for double conversions

Although banner ads have been on the market forever, there is still a lot of discussion about them.

Even today, many adults and mainstream Advertisers have their banners all over the place, with messed-up fonts, low-quality images, low contrast colors, ineffective CTAs, and so on.I´m sure you are relating, and we are here to call you out!

But don’t worry, We are on your side. 

As professionals with previous experiences on adult and mainstream ad networks, We know what makes a banner convert. Surely the results are not compared with what you would get a few years ago. Back in 2016/2017 converting over 10% was normal, and online advertising was a new phenomenon that made everyone click. Out of curiosity, desire, people were eager to see what was behind that banner ad. 

Fast forward to 2022, and things are completely different. Today, banner ads are seen as spam, scams, and disturbing to the overall user experience. With that being said, for people to look at our content and think it has some kind of value, we need to raise our game.

That is what we are going to teach you today….

How to avoid banner blindness?

Banner blindness is another problem that occurred when the adult and mainstream markets started being bombarded with thousands of new advertisers every day. When your campaigns are suffering from “banner blindness,” it essentially means that there is an inability for your banners to catch the user’s attention and cause them to stop scrolling.

And there you have the number one cause of low conversion rates on banner ads.

If no one sees, no one buys, that is a fact.

You can blame whoever you what, the ad network, the traffic, your campaign setting, doesn’t matter, the problem is not there.  

“How can I make good banner ads for my adult advertising campaigns?”

Let’s take a look at the 11 banner ad campaign secrets to higher conversion rates….

1- Banner ad sizes

First, we will cover the most basic question, which is the banner ad size. 

Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to have a banner ad size that no one has, there is a 99% chance that no adult ad network will have traffic for you. 

Stick with basic banner ad sizes like 300×250, 300×100, and 728×90, the others represent less than 1% of the total amount of traffic that your banner ad campaigns will be receiving, which decreases the likelihood of them providing you with any conversions.

2- Banner ad types

There are 3 banner ad types that actually work, all 3 have their ups and downs and their degree of difficulty, so choose carefully depending on your experience.

Static banner ads: These are the basic ones. As the name suggests, they are static images that you can click, and although they are simple to make, they don’t get high levels of attention as the market is overcrowded with them.

Video banner ads: this ad type consists of animated gifts and video files. As movement always gets more attention, you will most likely improve your impressions and clicks using this ad type. Every adult advertising network has its own requirements for video, so pay attention to those before making your creatives.

Interactive HTML5 banners: If you want to up your game with video ads, this banner type is ideal. They are more elaborate to make, and not every ad network will support them, but for sure, they will increase the level of attention your ads get.

3- Banner ad structure

Lets say you chose a banner 300×250 to start your campaigns. 

Are you going to organize your banner ads like this?

adult banner ads

I sincerly hope not. This is just a stupid example that we found on the internet, but the real issue is that most of you guys are making the same exact mistake as the man who designed this banner.

Text everywhere, no breathing room, ten thousand colors, terrible cta.random images that have nothing to do with the ads, and the list can go on…

When structuring a banner ad, This is how things should be… 

Keep this simple: 2 colors (max 3); minimalistic text with a bold message; 1 attractive image; a simple clickable cta with a contrasting color to the background; your logo. These are the basic components of a banner ad design. Then, just make sure that you mix all these ingredients well.

Remember that they all collaborate, so no one does the work of another.

You can take the above image as a guide.

4- Perfect Valeu proposition

The Value proposition is the offer that you are showcasing when displaying your ad, the value that you are giving in exchange for the user’s money, time, email, or whatever it is that you are asking for.

Before anything, you need to Do a study on your market.

What is it that they want?

What are their desires?

What are their fears?

What keeps them up at night?

How can you solve their problem?

Before jumping into copy mode and trying to ask people for “favors,” we need to think about how we can Offer double the value that they are giving

5 - Niche language

Learning how to talk to your niche is one of the keys to increasing conversion rates. You cannot talk the same way with someone who wants a VPN as you can with someone who wants to visit an adult website.

Although your banner ad will be seen by both niches, you need to Know how to catch their attention using the expressions that they use.

Do deep research on your audience before jumping into any specific terms in LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and conversation centers where your audience can be active.

6 - Best contrasting colours

Surely you have all heard about the psychology of colors. Different colors get different responses in the mind, which is why a few colour combinations get way more clicks and conversions than others.

Let’s take a look at the Best possible combinations for adult advertising…

  • Red background / White letering
  • Black background/ Pink lettering
  • Yelow background/ Purple lettering
  • Yelow background/ Orange lettering

You can never go wrong with the first 2, these are two very common banner colors in our industry. For the other two, you can do an a/b test and see what works better for your offer.

7 - Powerful Cta

Cta is the portal for your offer, for someone to enter, your door needs to be well-made and especially different from the others.

Don’t use what everyone else is using, like “Buy Now” or “Learn More.”  Your message needs to have a little more enthusiasm and some urgency for people to click it. The same boring lines make your adult banner ads likely to suffer from banner blindness.

PS: Mix numbers with text on your Cta, studies show that it gets more attention. Something like “24H for 70% off”

8 - Full HD images +

There is no chance that you can go lower than Full HD images.

If you have your own designs, make sure they are of high quality. If you are designing from scratch, use free images from places like unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay.

Terms like “Sexy Woman” will get you the perfect images for your adult advertising campaigns.

9 - Geo Prices

When it comes to geo-pricing for your banners, you should pay good attention to the Quality of the traffic vs Prices that you pay for impressions or clicks. We say impressions or clicks because when it comes cpa, cpl, etc you are paying for an action, therefore it is easier to control than cpc and cpm

We won’t label any prices because they vary between adult ad networks, and you should be cautious when comparing the prices you pay for certain sources to the money you pay for them.

By norm, Tier 1 and Tier 2 geos demand you pay more for clicks and impressions, and the sources tend to be from higher quality websites, where even if you pay more, you are relatively guaranteed better traffic, depending on the adult ad network.

Tier 3 geos tend to be way cheaper for both metrics, but be really careful with the sources, they tend to have lots of low-quality traffic.

10 - Choose the righ adult ad netwrok

If you are going to take anything from this article, this needs to be the one!

The two most important factors for conversions are banner designs and the right partners.You can have the best adult banner ad, put everything that we told you here into practice, but if you don’t have the right sources giving you traffic, you can forget your conversions.

This is what you need to take into consideration when talking with your account manager:

  • Prices that you will be paying for CPC and CPM
  • Amount of traffic for each geo
  • What sources will be giving you traffic
  • How much time will he have to take care of your campaigns?
  • Tokens for tracking

These are the questions you should ask your account manager on your first interaction.

There will be many ad networks available in 2022 for your adult banner ads; be selective and demanding.

Ps: Be present on multiple adult ad networks at the same time.

11 - Budget your banner ads campaigns for A/b testing

The last thing you need to do to ensure that your adult banner ads work is A/B testing.

To have enough time to analyze data, you should run your campaigns for at least seven days with at least three creatives and a $500 budget.Make sure that all campaigns have an equal budget so that no data can be confused or misunderstood.

After your analysis, there are only two scenarios: Leave or potential

To have no conversion after 7 days of testing with multiple campaigns and banner ads on a quality traffic ad network, you really need to screw up badly.

As we assume that you read the article and put everything into practice, if you have 0 conversions, then it’s most likely that you have the wrong partner. On the other hand, if you see some conversions, you should optimize and retest. 

PS: Establish the amount of money you are willing to invest before your campaigns start bringing ROI.


To conclude, you have a Plan for your adult banner ads campaigns:

Have adult banner ads, preferably video or gift ads, with a good structure, powerful contrast colors, an attractive CTA, high-quality images, and the perfect value proposition made in niche language.

After your adult banner ad is on point, choose multiple adult ad networks that have some credibility on the market and a/b test with 3 creatives for 7 days with a $500  minimum.

If you convert, great, if you don’t, continue searching.

The secret to success is to never stop trying.

To work fellow advertisers!


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