adult social media marketing? we discovered a way

Learn how you can have your adult business present on social media without getting banned
Be careful and pay close attention

For those of us who work in the adult industry, Social media marketing has always been a problem.

We all know the benefits of social media, no one goes there thinking “I’m going to sell millions,”  But to build trust, talk with customers, and increase brand awareness, it’s the number one tool.

They make that important element of business almost impossible for us, most of us are limited to Email marketing and some LinkedIn, which can help, of course, but in most cases, It’s not enough.

Before any customers buy, they like to check your social media, your reviews, how you communicate, how much attention you pay them,… For us, not having that element makes us deficient when it comes to closing sales. Sure, you can sell some, but if those elements were in line with other strategies, you would be selling double.

This war on adult business its not going to stop, they don’t like us, we already know about that from ages ago.

With that being said, we have 2 options, either we Infiltrate their system and find a way we can lower our risks, or we continue to Cry because we are not there.

At 2suitmedia, we don’t accept no for an answer, so we Take the first option. After long hours of research, We are quite sure to have found the formula that can make your adult business present on social media….

Lets see

Our reseach

To understand why social media platforms don’t like adult businesses, we first need to look at our main features: Explicit content.

Unless you have a mainstream dating business or a “toys store” it’s most likely that your content includes some kind of explicit material. According to their guidelines, they try to keep the spaces user-friendly, and explicit content can scare away some audiences.

“So if they don’t like my business, how can I do adult social media marketing?”

You change your approach!

There are many businesses in the adult industry present on social media. All the ad networks are there, most adult “toys stores” are there, all the industry stars are there, and with luck, you can even find some adult websites as well. Go see it for yourself.

After you have a look, Analyze what they do….

They show explicit videos?  well, where they can.

Do celebrities show their entire bodies naked? Most likely, no.

Adult “Toys stores” show explicit product tutorials? Nop

Ad networks display what’s on the platform? No, never

But one thing you will notice is that They are all educating their audiences on how their products work, how they can make money with them, where you can find them, what shows they will do, lifestyle photos and videos, and so on. The list is long, and the way adult businesses should be represented on social media differs from one to another. 

Although you should conduct a professional analysis to determine the best strategies to implement, this is proof that social media for adult businesses is viable when you focus on educating and are careful with content.

Where can you be present?

There are a few platforms where you can do adult social media marketing, but you need to be careful. They are always looking for new businesses to ban, and we are easy targets for their machine.

Let’s see where you can have your adult business….


This is the only platform where you cannot do adult social media marketing. 

Facebook is the strictest platform, they don’t let anything go that does not follow their guidelines 100%.

As professionals who tested adult social media marketing on Facebook, We recommend you get Facebook off your platform list.


Platforms like Twitter are a great place to start building your adult social media marketing strategies. As you can see, many of our industry’s well-known websites are represented, with Active and engaged fan bases.

You can do exactly the same, Focus on building a community there, posting informational content, updating your fans on promotions and new scenes that will come out in the future, podcasts that you do, more information about the models that are working for you, events that you will be going to, posting some sexy pictures sometimes, retweeting your clients’ opinions, addressing the bad ones, etc.

Just Don’t fall into the trap of posting explicit content, you should do all you can to Prevent any bans.


It does not matter if you are a company, an individual, or both, you need and should have LinkedIn as part of your adult social media marketing.

LinkedIn is the Perfect platform to do business with other partners in the adult industry, in fact, we are one of the industries that most interact with each other on the platform, so your presence is a must.

You don’t exactly “attack” this platform with educational-based content for customers, but with Smart stuff that makes the community see you as a reliable source and an overall high-quality partner to work with.

Send messages, interact with community posts, get into adult groups, and make your name stand out.


Instagram is a platform that´s on the cutting edge when it comes to social media for adult businesses. One thing is clear, They don’t allow explicit content, but Adult stars put it very close to explicit, so we can notice There is an opportunity to be taken.

Besides adult websites, most of the industry is present on Instagram. 

  • Adult “toys shops” are educating their audience on best practices, correct terminology, how the opposite gender works, how to use the toys, or whatever they are interested in.
  • Gambling companies educate their audience on how they can make money with their services, the best games to play, the best strategies to bet on, etc.
  • Dating websites are explaining how to be better at dates, how to make better profiles, how to have better success with the opposite gender, etc

If you have an adult website, just make sure that nothing explicit appears, that is imperative. You can promote your movie stars, promote videos in a non-explicit way, and create fun, engaging content, but nothing too extreme.


The most recent of all these platforms, TikTok, is basically a world of softcore stuff.

If you know your way around softcore stuff, you can play with the algorithm to promote your services or products. The businesses that use TikTok are growing like crazy, the short-form content, although it gets lower air time, gets 100 times more attention than any other format.

At an age when attention spans are lowering every day and HDHD is a real thing, you need to highly Integrate TikTok into your adult social media marketing strategy.

To conclude...

Now that we know where and how you should be present on every social media platform, it’s time to elaborate on a plan for your adult social media marketing.

Social media: Be present on Twitter, Linkedin, Tik-Tok, and Instagram.

On Twitter, build a community around your services or products.

On LinkedIn, establish business connections and search for new partners.

On TikTok, you can post funny, sexy videos, educational content, or even promote your products.

On Instagram, educate your audience about your products and services. 

PS: Also remember not to have links to your content if it contains anything explicit.


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