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Adult and Mainstream Campaign Management

A platform known as an ad network serves as a middleman between publishers and advertisers. One of the first advertising technologies to emerge when online advertising first started were ad networks. Their function is essentially to assist advertisers in purchasing available ad space from various publishers.

Traditionally, ad networks pool together unsold ad inventory from various publishers and sell it to advertisers at a much lower cost than a publisher’s direct sales. The terms non-premium or remnant are frequently used to describe this type of inventory.

However, some networks today adopt a more strategic stance and lean toward providing their advertisers with more premium, exclusive deals. They select and pre-purchase inventory from several top-tier publishers, then resell it for a profit. The advertisers may pay more because of this arrangement, but their ads will be placed in a premium location.

How do Ad Networks work?

In order to provide the necessary quantity of inventory to the advertisers on an auction basis, an ad network brings together a sizable number of publishers.
When running the campaign across multiple ad networks and in direct deals with publishers, the advertiser can either set up the campaigns directly using an ad network’s campaign-management panel or set up pixels from a third-party ad server for verification purposes and consolidated reporting.

The publisher installs the ad-network ad tags on their website by inserting these tags directly into the page or by using a first-party ad server. The advertiser sets up the campaign parameters (such as targeting, budget, frequency caps, etc.).

Without contacting the publisher, the advertiser can use the campaign-management panel of the ad network to rotate multiple banners on the website after the ad has been published.
Most publishers would only use one ad network to sell remnant inventory in the early days of online advertising when there were fewer websites and advertisers. But as the number of publisher sites grew, they quickly discovered that they couldn’t sell all of their inventory on one ad network and that they had low fill rates.

Publishers began utilizing multiple ad networks, some of which offered premium inventory and others which offered remnant inventory, in an effort to raise fill rates.

How we manage your Ad Network Campaigns

Based on your offer and the type of traffic you want, we choose the highest-quality partners for you. Inside the platforms we will make sure all your campaigns are made accordingly to your needs so that you can reach and convert your impressions and clicks. 

We define your audience based on:

  • ratings
  • category’s
  • Geos
  • Devices
  • Languages
  • Time-zones
  •  Interests
After your audience is defined, we will make sure that your bids are according to plan. One practice we like to follow is to use smart bidding strategies so that you always get the best traffic only with a slightly bigger bid than the second-best.
When your campaigns are launched, we will check all your sources daily, blacklisting and whitelisting the ones that most benefit your goals.
Monthly Reports

Simple Report
For a quick clarification of your Ad network campaigns, we deliver a simple report that presents the number of impressions,  clicks and the CTR of each ad. This way, we speed up the understanding of the campaigns’ progress.

Complete analysis
To complement the simple report, the complete analysis has specific metrics and data regarding your website and ad. This analysis is divided between ad groups and registered ads and has all the details of the executed campaigns.

Conversion Analysis
Our conversion analysis allows you to understand the efficiency of your site’s pages in relation to the ads, and vice versa, and can even attest to the ROI. This analysis also contributes to the improvement of the ads and pages of your site, which consequently improves the return on your investment.

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