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We are an adult and mainstream digital marketing agency that assures that your SEO bring you organic qualified leads.

Get organic leads with SEO

We can talk all we want about paid advertising, yes, that needs to be your first approach to the market, but getting organically qualified leads is as important if not more than paid ads. Understand that the perfect advertising strategy is when you get paid advertising mixed with organic advertising and leads start coming in left, right, and centre.

On the opposite from what most think SEO is not only writing articules with a lot of words and expecting that by miracle lots of leads start appearing on the website.

There is a strategy behind every article, every link and every image, which is only noticed and understood by the ones who have worked with SEO for quite a while and are aware of the algorithm of google

How our digital marketing agency makes SEO?

At our digital marketing agency, 2suitmedia.com, we develop SEO strategies that can double your website traffic and get you more leads in less than 3 months.

Our line of work in SEO consists of a keyword based strategy, active link building, speed optimization formulas and high-tear content marketing.

Let us explain better…

keyword-based strategy: We make a list of the 20 most searched keywords in your niche with low competition and insert them all over your website and blog posts. That allows you to scale your rank for those keywords faster and in a shorter period than any of your competitors.

Active link building: We make sure that your website and blog posts have internal links to other and more relevant blog posts and website pages, as well as external links to other relevant blog posts on related websites. This makes Google see you as a trustworthy partner that is willing to help its users get the best information, even if it isn’t on their website. Not only that, for every internal page that you redirect your users with internal links it increases the likelyhood of the page ranking faster.

Speed optimization formulas: We choose the best plug-ins for your website as well as build the page in a way that balances amazing web design with lightning-fast website speed for mobile and desktop.

Content Marketing: We will write you high-quality blog content around the 20 keywords that we chose before to increase the spread of y

Why doing SEO with a digital marketing agency?

Getting a professional digital marketing agency to help with your SEO is important because of the time it takes to rank on Google. It is possible to do it all on your own, yes, but the average Google ranking for a person without any experience is about 2 years. 

The last couple of years have been crazy, things are changing at a fast pace, and when you think you have everything under control, Google comes up with a new rule that makes your job way more difficult.

Taking all of this into account, having a team of experienced digital marketing agency professionals not only allows you to have double the free time to focus on other aspects of your business and help scale it to a new level, but it also allows your website to rank much faster.

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