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Google Ads Agency

Do you want your company to appear in Google for the right people? Are your ads bringing visibility but not generating sales? Do you need faster results?

Maybe you have identified yourself with any of the questions above because it may be time to invest in the right sponsored links strategies.

Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is the ideal place to advertise your products or services, after all, it is where people search for solutions and are open to find the best answers.

If you want to be the right answer at the right time for your target audience, you need to have effective strategies that direct the campaigns to the people who are searching for what you sell.

With this type of action, we help you find your ideal audience and also generate sales faster, advertising to people who are more prepared to buy.

How To Sell More With Google Ads

Sponsored links on Google is not about appearing for every type of search. It’s not about creating an ad with any text and segmentation, just to appear in search results.

Advertising on Google is about creating a campaign planning based on the interests of the audience, understanding that the investment must be optimized by appearing to the right people.

It’s about using the best words to show people that your company has the solution to what they’re looking for.

It’s about getting the right audience to your site, increasing visits, but also increasing conversions.

Based on customized media work, we want to help you scale your company’s results.

How we do Google Ads

Here at 2suitmedia e divide Google Ads campaign management is divided into four main groupings of activities:

  1. Campaign set up;
  2. Content network;
  3. Follow-up;
  4. Special campaigns     

In addition, our team also carries out analysis and performance reporting. See below the details of all these processe

Campaign set up

Website and niche analysis

We analyse the website to define the initial keywords. At this stage, we even look at the content of the pages and choose a group of terms that will be expanded, according to the speciality of your business, and worked on in Google Ads.

Keyword research

To deepen the research and expand the range of keywords relevant to your business, we also use the Adwords Keyword Tool. In this way, we discover synonyms and other results that are similar to the initial group of terms chosen. This facilitates the exposure and effectiveness of the ads.

Set up in Google Ads

We also set up the Adwords Keyword Tool to run ads for your website. This requires a Google account and a bank account, for the collection of clicks.


After some studies, we specify the radius of action of the ads, considering local searches and even the times and days of activation of the ads. All to generate the best results for your business.

Optimized Ads

Based on the list of keywords and the specifications for serving the ads, we create the title tags and descriptions. These details, by the way, are optimised to attract the click-through of your buying audience.

Content Network

Blog and website advertising

For a campaign’s ads to reach beyond the Google results page, our team also uses the Google AdSense network. By advertising on this network, your brand can be displayed to more than two million websites, videos and applications. An excellent way to show your business to the world.

Visual ads

The content network also allows visual ads. Therefore, we can work the identity of your business in banners of various sizes, which can sharpen people’s memory (about your brand) and attract even more clicks.

Specific targets

With the content network configuration system, in addition to choosing the type of ad (banner or text), our team of masters can determine which sites will receive your ads.

Using filters for category, niche and number of hits, we choose the best pages to display the name and products/services of your business. It is possible, for example, to attack large portals or choose smaller and more segmented sites.

Video Adverts

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and, therefore, also generates great results. The platform has a particular AdSense system and, depending on the campaign, the ads can be sent to specific videos (such as the most viewed), which enables results more aligned to the goals of your business.


Periodic re-optimisation
In order to maximise ad results, our media buying team also performs periodic re-optimisations of Google Ads campaigns. This includes implementations and changes (made based on click-through rates) that result in significant improvements.

Conditional Changes
Google Ads campaigns targeted at e-commerce sites, for example, need frequent updates due to product pricing, inventory, etc. Therefore, our sponsored links campaigns go through accurate monitoring and agile changes.

Variation of ads
In practice, sponsored links work better when they have variations in the ads that are displayed in Google’s results pages. Because then, it is possible to define which one adapts best in each case.

Aware of this, we work with variations and, besides the constant change of text, we always try to increase the quality of the results.

Budget variation
The advertisements in sponsored links have a budget defined by the advertiser, that is, by you. But, as each click has a cost, our team is prepared to monitor the daily exhibition and budget of the ads, something that improves the use of your money.

We also make settings for each keyword that improve the way the ad is displayed. This way we avoid unnecessary impressions and increase the quality of the ads according to the Google Ads metrics.

Special campaigns   

Advertising on seasonal dates is an excellent way of getting a sales peak a few times a year. Therefore, our team is always attentive to the main commemorative dates such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in order to prepare special campaigns with high returns.

In addition to the more traditional dates, we also pay attention to specific celebrations of each niche and the periods in which the site receives more hits.

Landing pages
Contests and events, for example, can be advertised on Google aiming at a fast display. For this, we create a landing page (special page) that can exclusively receive users interested in the action in question.

Promotions and offers
Launches, promotions and offers (especially in the case of e-commerce) are essential to attract quick clicks and increase the number of visitors in a short time. With that in mind, our masters also know exactly how to advertise your business’ promotions and flash offers on Google.

Google Ads allows different actions to be interpreted as conversions. Signing up for email lists, filling in forms and finalising purchases are some of the examples of conversions that can be configured and inserted into your website. This way, we can obtain more precise data on the returns from your campaigns.

Price and date limits
To avoid unnecessary expenses, we can also create special campaigns with a cut-off value. This way, when a certain amount is reached, the ads will stop being shown. In addition, we also set time periods, such as one week, three days, etc., to optimize the use of your money and make your campaigns give more returns.

Monthly Reports

Simple Report
For a quick clarification of your Google Ads campaign, our simple report presents the number of impressions, clicks and the positioning of the campaign in the competition for display of your ads. Thus, speeding up the understanding of what has been done.

Complete Analysis
The complete analysis includes information about impressions, clicks, positioning and CTR, as well as metrics and data specific to Google Ads. The complete report is divided into ad groups and registered adverts and details the entire campaign.

Keywords Report
Involves specifically the keywords worked, with their impressions, clicks, CTR and positioning of the ads. This report gives you an overview of how you are investing in Google Ads and the progress made. You can also see which words are performing well and which ones need to be replaced.

Conversion analysis
Our conversion analysis allows you to understand the effectiveness of your pages in relation to the ads, and vice versa. This analysis is also useful for attesting to ROI and seeing what needs to be improved in order to achieve increasingly positive returns.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics has a segment dedicated only to Google Ads, which allows a differentiated view of the relationship between ads, keywords, site visitors and conversions. This, in the hands of our masters, is one more possibility for improvement, one more opportunity to achieve the results you seek.

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